söndag 30 januari 2011

Slöjden och maten på Blekinge museum

G och jag gjorde en snabb titt på Blekinge museums utställning Slöjden och maten. Trevlig och välgjord med många fina slöjdalster från förr och nu.

onsdag 5 januari 2011

2010 in retrospective pt 5


A summer diary with video from my cell phone camera:

I was very happy this summer, since I could swim many times. The water was warm (but not the one time in Ödängla, the wind had blown away the nice surface water).

Gunillas sister Jane and her boyfriend Magnus came to visit around Gunillas birthday. We had a great time.

Towards the end of the month we had guests from the US, relatives Duane Anderson and his daughter Sheree Anderson Sienkiewicz. We had a wonderful time, though the weather changed from brilliant to really awful. The best part (for me) was the trip to Öland. I did some filming of course!

The 31st of July there was a city celebration called “Viva Karlskrona”, Gunilla and I listened to Freudian slippers where our friend Ola Hallqvist is lead singer.

August 11 we celebrated our friend Janne Olofssons birthday. There was a party on the small island Ungskär outside Karlskrona - a party worth to remember.

The 29th we had a visitor from Lund, my niece Johanna. She is now studying at the University in Lund. We had a wonderful time, we went along with a tour of the Naval Base which was very enjoyable, thanks to the funny and intelligent guide, Annie Gylling.

September 17 I had the honourable task to be presenter at “Bokens dag” (The day of the book) in Karlskrona. It was great; I met one of the most famous Swedish novelists, Björn Ranelid, and some very talented coming authors.

A year without a week at the big book fair in Gothenburg is a year lost as I see it. I had a lovely time there and published many videos from the different arrangements we in the Harry Martinson Society hosted. Here is a short video about the preparations in the gigantic hall of "Svenska mässan":

November 14 I went to Stockholm for one reason only, to see the musical play “Aniara” at Stockholms stadsteater. What a great performance!

Winter came early this year. But we have out own cosy house and can turn on the heat as much as we please!

A winter diary

tisdag 4 januari 2011

2010 in retrospective pt 4

June 4 we attended the start of a new exhibition at the Naval Museum in Karlskrona, Ytspänning. The culture minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth held the opening speech.

Then we spent a weekend in Ödängla. This is the most beautiful time of year in Sweden!

This is the small village next to Ödängla, Björnö:

Later on in the month Gunilla and I went to Poland for our holiday – the old city of Krakow, it was spared during WWII and a true gem in central Europe. We had a lovely time there listening to music (Chopin, Kletzmer music, opera) all in mini concerts less than an hour long, perfect! We also took a ride with an old horse carriage – and saw a lot of young people at the international skateboard day the 21st of June!

We came home just in time for the big market in Karlskrona (Lövmarknaden) – of course I filmed the preparations and the actual market.

Then there were Midsummer celebrations in the Vämö park in Karlskrona.

The 27th Gunilla bought a new bicycle – she needed it!

2010 in retrospective pt 3

Winter was very long, we thought it would never end! My old friends from the School for Journalists in Stockholm (1978-80) started a group on Facebook in order to have a reunion 30 years after graduation. We almost made it – instead of May we met in October.

Spring came at last.

May 1st there is an old annual tradition in Karlskrona that The Royal Swedish Navy Band marches through the city. I am an early bird, so I did some filming there. To this date, more than 450 people have watched the video on Youtube!

This was the first of a great number of videos on Youtube this year. I covered the annual meetings for the Martinson Society and the Salje Society (two famous Swedish authors).

måndag 3 januari 2011

2010 in retrospective pt 2


I was able to go back to work after four weeks, and felt much better. I did make some short videos – the old journalist in me compelled me to go out when an entire block close to our home burned down.
I also filmed through the window, looking at birds in the garden and a very beautiful sunrise.

The snow kept on falling, and in both February and March a lot of roof fell in all around Sweden. As the institution with overall responsibility for building regulations, The national board of housing building and planning (where I work) had a lot to do with the press. In March the minister Andreas Carlgren gave us a task: to investigate why so many roof fell down. We will give the full report in May this year.

2010 in retrospective pt 1


In the middle of the month I had to go home on sick leave. I was tremendously tired and at first my doctor could not find out what was wrong. After the second round of tests it was determined I had (a fairly mild form of) Lymes disease. I was cured by a three week long treatment with strong antibiotics. The year had started with a lot of snow and so as a good house owner, I should make use of the shovel. All kinds of physical activity, even short walks, made it necessary for me to go to bed for a while.